SportsanalysisTV is an online video analysis platform that improves coaching and player performance and help them to find coachable key moments during and after the match.

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Live and post match tagging.

Match tagging before, during and after the match will give the coaching staff the possibility to tag important match moments that they can present to players or to share with the player individually. Analyze these important tag moments to improve the team performance.

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02. Analyze

Help your team see exactly where
they need to improve.

Build new strategies to improve team performance by using analysis data for better preparation, strengthen your weaknesses and make a game plan for the next opponent.

Use playlist's and feedback to present to your players on which points they can improve their performance.

Prepare new training sessions based on what you see during the game and which you think should be improved to achieve better team performance.

Be one step ahead of your opponent by collecting, explaining and analyzing your important key moments from previous matches.

03. review & share

Find key moments fast and access it anywhere.

Create your own playlist's from the key moments that you have tagged during the match to make a fast and easy access to it. Share all your important videos of goals, shots, turnovers with your team or player individually and analyze it together to enhance your game.

04. Communicate

Engage players and discuss about key match moments.

Communicate with players about their match performance by sending them video clips with feedback of important match moments and engage them in discussion. Help them to understand and improve on situations where they struggle.


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